The one with the holidays — Scroll through the list of holiday episodes from popular shows like Blackish, Friends, Parks and Rec, Schitt's Creek, The Office and Veep below.

  • S01E10

    Black Santa/White Christmas

    Certain that his annual office Christmas party needs a black Santa, Dre goes out of his way to fill the red suit, even though the head of HR already got the job. Meanwhile, Bow doesn't feel like competing with Ruby over who cooks the big holiday dinner.

  • S01E10

    The One With the Monkey

    The gang make (and break) a pact not to bring dates to their New Years Eve party. Phoebe starts dating a scientist. Ross compensates for his loneliness by getting a monkey.

  • S02E09

    The One With Phoebe’s Dad

    Phoebe tracks down her father, but isn't sure whether she should meet him. Ross asks Rachel to make a list of pros and cons about him.

  • S03E10

    The One Where Rachel Quits

    Ross accidentally breaks a little girl's leg and tries to help her sell boxes of cookies which recreates Monica's childhood fixation. Rachel quits her job at Central Perk and Joey's Christmas tree selling conflicts with Phoebe's principles.

  • S04E10

    The One With the Girl

    From Poughkeepsie In order for her kitchen staff to acknowledge her authority, Monica hires Joey so she can fire him in front of them. Chandler unsuccessfully tries to set Rachel up with a co-worker. Ross can't choose between two girls.

  • S05E10

    The One With the Inappropriate Sister

    A bored Ross wreaks havoc in Chandler and Joey's lives. Rachel is uncomfortable with Danny's unusually close relationship with his sister. Phoebe runs into trouble whilst collecting donations for the poor during Christmas.

  • S05E11

    The One with All the Resolutions

    The gang make their New Years resolutions. Chandler struggles to not make jokes about everyone. Rachel uncovers a secret. Ross runs into trouble when he wears leather pants on a date.

  • S06E10

    The One With the Routine

    On the set of 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve', Joey tries to kiss Janine at midnight and Monica and Ross resurrect their dance routine from high school. Meanwhile, Rachel, Phoebe and Chandler look for Monica's Christmas presents.

  • S07E09

    The One With All the Candy

    Monica makes candy to get to know her neighbours, Rachel and Tag try to hide their relationship at work and Ross buys Phoebe a bike.

  • S07E10

    The One With the Holiday Armadillo

    Ross wants to introduce Ben to Hanukkah. In order to entice Rachel to move back into their refurbished apartment, Phoebe must drive a wedge between Rachel and current roomie Joey.

  • S08E11

    The One With Ross’s Step Forward

    Joey wants to take Rachel to dinner on a pretend date to practice his dating skills, but soon develops romantic feelings for her; Monica, Phoebe, and Chandler are addicted to Mrs. Pacman.

  • S09E10

    The One With Christmas in Tulsa

    Chandler must spend Christmas in Tulsa, which Monica thinks he might have an affair with a former Miss Oklahoma runner-up while he is there. Chandler comes home early to announce that he quit his job.

  • S05E09

    Ron and Diane

    Tammy shows up at an awards ceremony to sabotage Ron's new relationship, and four of Jerry's co-workers are shocked that he's throwing a Christmas party without them.

  • S04E10

    Citizen Knope

    Leslie tries to keep herself busy during her suspension from the department, but gets some bad news about her campaign. Meanwhile, Ben searches for a job in the private sector, and the office makes the perfect Christmas gift for Leslie.

  • S02E12

    Christmas Scandal

    Leslie is falsely accused of having sexual relations with a sleazy Pawnee councilman. Meanwhile, the rest of the office takes on Leslie's work while she deals with the scandal, and officer Dave has more surprising news for Leslie.

  • S04E13

    Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose

    Johnny is hoping to ring in the holidays with a traditional Rose Christmas party like they used to. However, getting everyone to participate will be easier said than done.

  • S02E10

    Christmas Party

    Seeing the party is headed for disastrous boredom, Michael breaks corporate policy to buy alcohol for the staff.

  • S03E10

    A Benihana Christmas

    Trouble among the members of the party planning committee results with Pam and Karen hosting a rival Christmas party, but Michael isn't interested in celebrating after being dumped by Carol.

  • S05E10

    Moroccan Christmas

    Phyllis blackmails Angela into doing the work for the Christmas party, which Michael turns into an intervention after Meredith gets drunk and sets her hair on fire. Meanwhile, Dwight corners the market on a popular Christmas gift.

  • S06E13

    Secret Santa

    Michael gets upset when Jim promises Phyllis that she can be the office Santa, but the office Christmas party may be overshadowed by some bad news from David Wallace.

  • S07E11

    Classy Christmas

    Michael throws an elaborate Christmas party to celebrate Holly's temporary return to the Scranton branch, but is disappointed when he learns that she still has a boyfriend.

  • S08E10

    Christmas Wishes

    Andy tries to make this year's Christmas the best ever by granting each person's holiday wishes. Meanwhile, Robert California tries to drown his sorrows at the office party.

  • S09E09

    Dwight Christmas

    Dwight puts together a Pennsylvania Dutch-themed office Christmas party, but he ends it abruptly because Jim has to leave for his other job. Meanwhile, Erin seeks comfort from a co-worker after a disappointing text from Andy.

  • S05E07

    Congressional Ball

    Selina's plan to lobby votes at the annual White House Congressional Ball goes awry, while Dan tries to save Jonah's disastrous campaign.

  • S05E08

    Camp David

    Selina takes Catherine to Camp David, ostensibly for a family Christmas celebration, but also to conduct secret talks with the Chinese government. Meanwhile, Amy and Dan try to help Jonah win as his election campaign reaches its conclusion.