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Sketch has replaced Photoshop as my web and ui design.

Collaboratively design in the browser.


This is a must for any designer - on screen measuring, loupe for color picking and pixel-perfect guides.



Recently graduated from textmate to this split-pane, plugin wielding editor. I am currently using a theme I made, Appealr, and have my user settings up on GitHub:


Awesome tool to view diffs for multiple files - has a command line trigger for use with git.



Hide your dock and disable spotlight. Alfred will be your new best friend. You can launch apps, search your iTunes & rdio libraries, email people with specific attachements, navigate your file system and much more - all with a shortcut and a small input field. Check it out - the options are endless.

IA Writer

For longer posts or writing sessions, I'll use IA Writer and just store my files in my Simplenote dropbox directory so it still syncs.


Remote backups - I back up my entire family's computers to my drobo & to the crashplan remote server for pennies a year. It's a great service and I'd recommend it to anyone that is looking for peace-of-mind remote backups.


This app detects your location and tints your screen at sun down to prevent eye strain from working long hours. If you're like me and you end up being in front of your computer from 7pm to well after midnight, you need this. I immediately saw improved sleep habits and less frequent headaches. Seriously - get it. It's free.


Social Media Management. I have plenty of stuff to share on twitter and facebook but I often find that I share new finds very close to one another. With Buffer, I can space these tweets out so it isn't a barrage of 10 links in an hour. I can set up my tweet, the url I want to share and let it schedule them with ease.


Gone are the days of arranging windows every time you connect or disocnnect your external monitor. Set up your windows and Stay will store their locations. Once you connect your external monitor, it detects your workspace, and automatically updates your app positions to the way you like them.